About Shawn

I am a musician, sound therapist, and story teller.  Several years ago, The power of sound and meditation led me to discover my body's ability to heal itself.  The first time I lay down on the floor and experienced the pulsating sound field of the gong, I knew that this is what I wanted to share with the world.  It was my first encounter with deep meditation.  I have dedicated many hours to familiarizing myself with instruments such as singing bowls, didgeridoo, woodwind flute, voice, classical guitar, frame drum and gong, in an attempt to continue my own healing, and to share this magical gift with my community.

I also carry stories.  Since the beginning, humanity taught the youth with story.  Mythology and oral tradition run deep in our souls.  Children and adults alike yearn to be led through the depths of their own imagination with stories of antiquity.